Your Taste is on Display

Your Taste is on Display

Have you ever looked at a dude and said, “What in the hell did you do to your arm?

Sometimes it baffles me what people choose to openly display on their bodies.  Who Am I too judge? Well here is the deal, I tattoo for a living. I study peoples tattoos like a hawk watches its prey. I have seen so many trends that have come and go. I remember when tattoos really told who you were.  Most of today’s tattoos tell me who you’re not.

Just be Yourself

Most clients getting ready to become heavily tattooed underthink their design. Being new to the idea of having their tastes on display, they try to play it safe.  ‘I want a compass with an hour glass to show people I know direction and time’ While this connection of imagery is easy to read, its bland. How about this one ‘I would like a birth stone tattoo  for every member of my family’ No problem. But when you have to use the internet to discover what gem stones are for which month, is it really that personal?

I can help. I like to use my Jedi mind tricks to pull the real tattoo out of you. I want to figure out what really makes you tick. I don’t want to know what you wanted to get tattooed; I want to know WHY you want tattooed. I want to test your comfort level today so it will match your comfort level of tomorrow.

I do not want you coming back to me in a year asking for changes.  I want to nail the concept and design the first time. I want all your friends to be jealous of your idea. Hell yes.

So relax, screw what other people think. Be yourself. Fly your flag high. Open your mind up to the biggest and best ideas possible. I am here to help you achieve a tattoo that tells people exactly who you are.


Matt Hodel


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