You called The Wolf!? Hell yes.


The Wolf Is Here

The Wolf is the second print in my animal illustration series. The first was the The Scary Red Bear which was inspired by my first run in with a black bear.

The Wolf is a follow up to my experience with being isolated in the woods with a pack of wolves in the distance.  A few years back, my adventure friend Jake and myself set of to cut a new snowshoe track in Minnesota. An hour in to the trek, a howling wolf broke the silence. He was probably a mile away and no threat to me or my friend, but the sound had resonated inside me.

Trapped in three foot of snow and traveling awkwardly in snow shoes, if a wolf had appeared on the edge of the tree line, there would be no were for me to go. I realized then how helpless I was in the wilderness.

This illustration was created on illustration board with ink and white paint.  The prints are in black ink 100lbs Neenah paper.

And of course they are for sale in my store!

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