Worked to Death.

Measuring success.

What is your barometer for success? What are your benchmarks to get there? Have you been making progress?

As self employed practitioners of the tattoo arts, we enjoy a rebellious reaction to those outside our craft. We boast of travel and freedom while we enjoy a walk of life that few will understand. With this unconventional lifestyle that comes with tattooing, we are also sharply reminded that our future is not free from the same burdens of every working man.

How will you retire? How will you pay for health care? Did you save for taxes? How do you budget your monthly financial statements?

Money is a byproduct of our hard work, it is not our measuring stick for success. How you handle your finances might be a bigger challenge than making your income. Financial freedom is the key to a rewarding career path. It is not how much money you make, it is what you do with the money that you earned.

You will not be forced into unfavorable business arrangements if you are free of financial burdens. If you do not like working 50 hours a week or during your kid’s baseball games. If you don’t like putting 30 hours into a tattoo you hate. If you don’t like agreeing to tattoo an unsuccessful image simply because “you need the money”. If want to have more control of your career, it is imperative to understand true financial freedom.

Wealth is measured by how many days you can survive without working. By building your wealth, you will have the freedom to showcase your talents. You will not be restricted doing tattoos you are over qualified for. In return, you will attract more clients that are intrigued with you and your abilities. Having amassed a large body of work you can be proud of will assist you into a career path of your choosing.

“He does the best Pintrest style!” said no-one ever.

-Matt Hodel

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