Whiskey Tattoos and No Regrets

My title is a bit misleading. No one was drinking whiskey when we did this handle of liquor tattoo today. My clients last name is McCormick and he wanted a vintage whiskey flask by the distillery with the same name.

Good ole fashion whiskey.

I’m not too concerned with capturing a photo realistic image of a whiskey jug. I just used the shape of the jug to get us started. I like tattoos that start conversations. I want people to say ,”Why did you get that tattoo, tell me about it.” Getting a tattoo that is literal and answers it’s own questions is boring.

To help tell the story, I added the classic XXX on the jug. I like old cartoons with old jugs that had the triple X on the sides. Also adding some atmosphere and classic roses helps give the jug a place to rest. It’s kind of like designing a center piece for a table. It’s fun to dress up our jug.

I’ll add that I looked at old Rollo Flash to draw the roses. I love Mike Malone’s roses; they just feel clever.

Mike Malone aka Rollo

So here we go! A tattoo of an old whiskey jug.

Whiskey Jug Tattoo by Matt Hodel

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