Want More Money? Then Stop Worrying about the Money

Your reward is a byproduct.

The fastest route is a straight line: unless you’re so focused on the destination that you fall off the path. This happens when you are trying so dang hard to succeed. Sometimes we get so obsessed that we micro manage the entire journey. Have you ever counted calories or tracked your carbs? Having a minute by minute update is a sure fire way to give up frustrated and tired.

At my peek I was 340 pounds. I was fat. Supporting my size 48 pants were belts that I had a hard time finding in local stores. My suits had those stretchy waist band things that would flex as I sat down. My goal was to lose weight. So I started eating better and tracking all my meals. I also started exercising.

Eventually I fell in love with running. I was starting to make huge personal improvements in my ability to be active. I had been very sedentary and now I was tackling a mile here and a mile there. I was getting faster and feeling better. I got so addicted that I started running in 5k’s, then 10k’s, and then a big ass 13.1 mile Half Marathon! At the end of 2014 I felt great. I also had a weird byproduct to all this running: I LOST 100 Pounds!

I had forgotten about tracking my weight loss. I went months without evening knowing how much I weighed. Once I snuck into a Planet Fitness on a run, and they didn’t even have scales in their clubs. So I went another month without worrying about my weight. I felt alive. Who cared what some number on a scale said?

The weight loss was a byproduct of my running, but in the end my weight wasn’t important anymore.

  • If you want to make more money
  • If you want to raise your self esteem
  • If you want to have a stronger presence in your career field

If you want something so bad and it is always just a finger tip out of your reach, maybe you should change your focus. Stop obsessing about what you want and let it go. Refocus on something good that bring joy to your life. Put yourself in a position to be more helpful to others. Find a new path that brings you rewards that fills those empty spots you have been ignoring.

The irony is when you actually make your initial goal, you won’t even find it important.

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