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Van Life: Why You Should Consider Living Life on The Road

Van Life?

This blog repost is a bit random this week but hear me out. The world is dimming and we've all been sitting at home. The triumphs faced by many since 2020 have been enormious and I fear our world is forgetting the beauty we've been blessed with.

I myself spent 9 weeks on the road after my mother unexpectadly passed in April. I was at my wits end with the crap cards i'd been dealt, within two years time. I can say I found strength again just from creating our van build. Once we embarked on our journey words cannot express the freedom and serenity that roadtrip bestowed onto me. My challenges in life still had to be faced, but a life of minimulism and freedom gave me a changed perspective on my new world.

There are many articles out promoting van life, yet this one I have linked below highlights the most important parts. Ive pulled a few chunks for the reader below but I highly suggest heading over to the original authors page.


Living Life in a Van

At it's most basic, van life is simply that: living in a van. But it's more than this. Van life is a lifestyle that represents freedom, adventure, travel and minimalism; an escape from the status quo of every day life.

cpc beach
Taken by me Septemer 8th,2022 in Usal, California

Taking On the Challenge for Personal Growth

Perhaps the best part about living in a van, is the personal growth. You'll have time to be with yourself to work on yourself and getting away from society can be quite therapeutic. Living out of a van will also force you to completely step outside of your comfort zone, as you'll be faced with daily challenges. From finding a spot to park, to dealing with loneliness, mechanical issues, and so on, living in a van is certainly not a walk in the park. However, most van lifers can probably agree that van life is worth the risk; its a challenging adventure that you push you in exciting ways!

garden of the gods
Taken by me September 22, 2022 in Colorado Springs, Colorado
'Backpackers Pantry, Van Life: Why you Should Consider Living Life on the Road,, March 25, 2021"

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