Tonk the Tattooist


My new Zine "Tonk"

I guess I could have printed this sooner. I kept circling back around and tweaking this and redrawing that. It is just a zine!

What is a zine? A zine is short for fanzine. In my youth they were the life line of the underground music and punk scene. Zines are the voice of the counter culture.

Meet Tonk

My Zines are tattoo related and this one is no different. So who is Tonk? Tonk is the original tattooist. The first asshole of skin scribing. Tonk accidently poked himself with a burnt stick one day after sabretooth tiger hunting.  The scar turned blue and the mark stayed forever.

Well Tonk could not let the idea go. His sophisticated brothers in the mountains were painting on cave walls and getting all the attention. Tonk quickly took up the trade of poking his visions onto fellow tribesman.  Tonk would smoke a big joint and take one good look at his recipient and a vision would over come his psyche.

That is how tattooing started.  "Tattooing" wouldn't be a word until Captian Cook sailed the earth. In the beginning it was called "tonking".

Zine Printing and Assembly

I am a risograph printer. I own an EZ590. I started by building PDF's and printing those on some nice newsprint style French paper.

Printing is the easy part. Assembling is the pain in the ass part.  I asked my wife to do the assembly while I yelled at the ballpoints on my Xterra.

I have an ancient Martin Yale paper folder and a simple saddle stitch stapler.  These two machines are time savers.

With the Zine assembled the next step is to put it in my store for you to buy it!

Have you heard my podcast? 

Bastards of Art: Too polished for folk art, too punk for fine art.

Bastards of Art is a podcast to reach out to lowbrow artist. We are helping artist to come together with a message of positivity and ambition. It can feel very lonely spending hours in the studio. We are here to help erase self doubt and cultivate the artist inside you.

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