Tipping Your Tattoo Artist

Tipping Your Tattoo Artist

Lets talk tips. Like a server, bartender, hairdresser, etc tips are apart of the service industry. They are not expected but very much appreciated. The article "Tipping your Tattoo Artist" by Hamptons Ink perfectly outlines tipping in the tattoo industry. Not by percentages yet based on your overall experiance with the artist. Below, as always, is the link to the full article!



Here are Some Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Your tip should reflect your experience. Was your artist awesome, informative and attentive? Did you feel like you had a good rapport with your artist, and were able to communicate ideas easily and effectively? Was your idea turned it into something that matched or exceeded your expectations? Then perhaps you may feel like tipping on the higher end of the scale.

  • Was your piece intricate and/or very detailed? Did you make a lot of changes to the original design? Did they take the time with you to make sure everything was perfect and gave you that piece you always wanted? A nice tip says “Thanks for going the extra mile for me.”

  • Getting a tattoo can be a special experience. Your artist can make it even more memorable by learning about your tattoo’s story, and incorporating aspects into the piece that are specifically tailored to you. If your artist went above and beyond the technical and helped give you a real heartfelt moment, return the love. It's what this job is all about and makes them feel great.

  • On the other hand, if your artist did not seem enthusiastic about your ideas, gave minimal effort or attention and the work turned out mediocre then tip accordingly or find another artist!


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