Tim’s Coi Fish Sleeve

Finally Finished

Japanese Coi Fish

I really love how this turned out.

I actually tattooed Tim in 1995. He was dying for a flaming yin-yang around his navel and I obliged. The 90’s were good for shit like that. It was more about the act of getting tattooed than what you got.

That was at Iron Age on the Delmar Loop in St. Louis. Technically it was University City but no one would know where that is outside of the Metro Area.

Twenty-five years later, Tim tracked me down. We were both older and a little wiser. Tim was ready for a sleeve. I’m not sure if it was his idea or mine to do the Coi.

During the consultation, I like to draw a rough composition on my client. The photo above is a quick layout. This is my template to design a sleeve that flows with the clients body. I do not think starting on a flat piece of paper can capture the energy. It looks forced when done that way.

A tattoo like this, I like to stencil the main image but draw on the background with a sharpie. I really like how well this fits his arm. It’s important to tailor a sleeve to fit the wearer. A tattoo sleeve should fit the owner like an expensive suit.

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