The Arkansas “Little Grand Canyon”

Looking down at the Little Grand Canyon.

The Ozarks has its Grand Canyon but if you head south to the Ouachitas you’ll find the Little Grand Canyon. The latter is one natural wonder you may have overlooked in Arkansas. This feature off of White Oak Lake is a peaceful spot and not to mention beautiful! Let’s go explore this underrated wonder.

From ‘Only in Your State’

I don’t recommend planning a trip around the Little Grand Canyon. If you had to drive more than 2 hours out of your way to see it then it would really lose the “WOW” factor.

It was about 20 miles off of I-30 making it convenient to swing by and check it out. Following Apple Maps, I doubted that we were going the correct way up until we got out of the van.

You drive along a rock road on a large lake dam until it dead ends on the other side. I was messing with April the whole time because it was her idea to see this 11110th wonder of the world. This is what we saw when we got out of the van:

A “Clark Griswald” Moment.

I was laughing my ass off thinking, “How the hell is this a thing people go see?” We saw no signs and honestly I almost didn’t hike around to look for more. But slowly this little run off turns into an impressive geological terrian that literally looks like a shrunken Grand Canyon.

Lady exploring.

Keep walking.

If you keep walking, there are a couple trails that cut through the Short Leaf Pines. It’s only then that you discover the Little Grand Canyon. It is pretty neat and looks totally out of place. I think on a hot day it would make a great swim hole.

So if you find yourself in the area, check it out. I wouldn’t make a special trip from St. Louis to go see it. That being said, if I went back, I’d spend the day there just reading a book and sitting in a hammock next to it.

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