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Smokey Mountains

Matt Hodel hiking Gregory’s Bald In April of 2018 I awoke on a Gregory’s Bald in the Smokey Mountains.  The altitude gave me a headache and the morning air made me sick.  I didn’t take time to make a cup of instant coffee before morning light.  As I walked in through the scatted trees, every…

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Winter Ride.

First camping trip of the year. A 250 mile loop to Giant City State Park. We found a cemetery for old heavy equipment. Went on some hikes. I think April and I have figure out the motorcycle camping. Rule one: Less is More. We do not take much. I could do this forever.  

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Hiking Mountains.

Hiking Mountains Today I hiked three mountains.  The smallest was Siriuskogl (599m). This is for old people and children.  The next was Jainzenberg (834 m) . This was only 1.5 hour hike to the top.  A little more fun with some good incline.  This was still one step above easy but not for the lazy.…

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