Sunny Sunday Drive

The dog and I went exploring this weekend. I have been building an off-road capable Xterra. I love Missouri. I love exploring The Ozark Mountains.

They recently logged the property behind ours. The trees will come back soon and the undergrowth with return. In a few years it will be good for hunting. Currently the state of the land is perfect to test out the Yellow Xterra. The loggers create a web of makeshift roads that are only accessible with a solid 4×4 truck.

I recently had Axleboy install new gears for the differentials. I have to break in the 5.19 ration gears by safely getting 500 miles logged on the X. We didn’t do anything to crazy but it was nice to be out on a sunny Sunday with my dog.

Stopping at a favorite secluded spot of ours, we shared some lunch.

Lady waiting for some stew.
Crane Lake

She was pretty excited and took a break from chasing squirrels to help with setting the table. We ended up at Taum Sauk Mountain for sunset. Off in the distance you can see my property.

Matt Hodel and Lady

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