Samurai Tattoo Added to an Old Joe Allhoff Dragon


Old Tattoos Completed

Chris got a really nice Dragon from an old coworker of mine. Joe Allhoff and I worked at Trader Bob’s from 2004 until I left in 2012.

Joe was singled handedly the most naturally talented Tattooist I have ever worked with. I have never seen an artist render images so effortlessly. I have spent my life trying to let go just to glide like Joe did with a pencil.

Joe retired from tattooing a while back. He has started sign painting and kept up with his artistic ways.

Chris is ready to finish his sleeve so we are going to continue what Joe started and move down the rest of the arm. A Samurai will be the perfect addition to accompany the dragon.


Starting with a few sketches to get placement and proportions in order, I draw on the skin before moving to the drawing board. You can see the final image fits nicely on Chris’ lower arm.

In the next few sessions we will add the rest of the dragon to complete the full sleeve.

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