Randy Adams Tattoo Shop

My buddy Matt bought the famous Randy Adams Tattoo Shop in Fort Worth. Randy is a tattoo legend going back to the 80’s. This changing of the guard is historic and I wanted to see it for myself.

This is why I took the dog and church van to Texas. I’m working at the shop for the week and there is a big party wednesday to commemorate the grand reopening. Look my name is in print ! Must be official.

I haven’t worked with Matt Vancura or Troy Denning since Invisible NYC. Those two have relocated to the great state of Texas and our reunion feels long overdue. Both of these men have had an influence in my career and how I run my shop.

Matt, Troy and Myself

The scariest part is doing walk-ins. I haven’t done walk-in tattoos in a decade. It was seriously out of my comfort zone to tattoo this way. What a great experience. Here is my first one.

This week has been very rewarding. I’ve earned a lot of perspective and gratitude. Im glad I got out of my comfy world and made the trip.

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