Most People Won’t

Putting the extra into your hard work is what makes you rise to the top. Nothing will be given to you.

What is amazing is how many people will come to help you once you have started to help yourself. I have found that staying in motion is the key to advancing my career. This has meant a lot of failures. I started small companies and t-shirt brands. I tried book projects and group projects. Most of the mentioned start ups went nowhere. What they did achieve is attention. Successful people saw my ambition and reached out to help.

My help has come from people who are representing the top of their field. Recording engineers, photographers, higher ups from large corporations, and self made entrepreneurs. A few things are constant with all the advice I have received:

Most people won’t.
What it takes to leave comfort for the unknown is a trait few people posses. It takes a strong push to get the motivation to work out side of the box. Having the courage to venture into a new and uncharted area takes guts. I know why people like being “company men” because its safe. Unfortunately, company men will rarely carry out there dreams.

It all comes together.
Americans are natural born planners. We can’t even eat at a new restaurant without researching the reviews. A vacation is planned out in every small detail to assure that the experience will be fun and worth the time and money. An entrepreneur uses gut instinct and restlessness to push forward. Uncertainty is not only scary but it can be the driving force behind a new project. The fact that there are no guarantees is not a deterrent. Most of the questions that were asked before the project started did not get answered until the new experience has taken shape. Trusting in this concept separated the scared from the brave.

Money is a byproduct.
The successful people who have helped me along the way rarely talked about money. They did not emphasize how much money would be made or how much money they had received. The common idea was that putting your passion first will be your fasted route to success. The money follows the hard work but it was never the driving force behind the motivation. The only talk of money was how to keep it once it showed up.

Paying it back.
I cannot pay back all of the people that have helped me with a monetary sum. I also think that their advice that was freely given to me and was not meant to be tarnished with a price tag. I pay them back everyday when I put my work boots on and pull back my sleeves. I give my career 100% all the time. I work as if they are watching my every move and I want them to know that there help did not get wasted on deaf ears. In return, I freely help those who show motivation and ambition. I don’t waste my time giving lazy people hand outs.

This life of independence is achieved by trading in comfort and security for motivation and ambition. Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

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