I’ve wanted this tattoo for 35 years.

When my buddy went off to the Navy he came back with some of the coolest tattoos. In 1988 I didn’t know tattoos could be so personal. I thought tattoos were just Eagles and flags and anchors that you picked off the wall. I had no idea that you could bring in your own image and your own ideas and really become the person you wanted to be.My buddy came back with the logo from one of our favorite punk rock bands: Suicidal Tendencies. I was immediately jealous. I thought I was stuck getting skulls and flames and shit.

From that day on I wanted that tattoo but I didn’t wanna get the same tattoo that my buddy had.My buddy walked his own walk, talked his own talk and did things away he wanted to. he was fearless in the time of being different meant really putting yourself in harms way. He just didn’t care. I envied him.

Unfortunately, I learned of my buddies passing recently. We lost touch over the last few years.

There’s not much you can do. People die and we feel helpless. Tattoos have always been a way to show respect when words fail us.

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