Instagram for the Tattooist

The common tattooist in the marketplace relies heavily on Instagram and Facebook.  While the tools of social media have simplified the process to get your name out into the market, they are not without their draw backs.

Let us think of Instagram as a link in the chain for driving new clients to a contact point.  A point of contact is when a new client reaches out to you and says, “I want to work with you”  If Instagram is the last stop to finding you, then what happens when this third party app blocks you or becomes defunct like Myspace ? You lose all your data mining, your pictures and your presence online.

Another draw back is the limited ability to customize your Instagram page. The header on your Instagram page looks identical to the other millions of tattooists in the world.  Your content may be awesome but is has a short shelf life as well. Most of the viewers only look so far back into your feed.  It is possible that you may have a thousand great pics archived but only the top 30 posts will get the most exposure.

Get your Website today!

Please get your own website. This is the most overlooked tool in marketing for the tattooist.  The web site is your voice, your personality your product and your home for clients.  A website allows you to have complete control over how you present yourself and how you want clients to contact you.  For my money nothing beats a clean contact form on a website.

The steps clients take to find you in 2020.

  1. They heard about you from a referral. This method is called social currency.  The best organic networking that you can be a part of.
  2. Next step is to google you. What will they find? You need them to find more than the average amount of hits than other artist in your market. Get your blog posts, podcast, events you have partnered with, news coverage and your website on the front page of google.
  3. After discovering what other people have said about you, the new client checks out your web page and discovers more about you on a personal level. Who are you and what can you do for them? This is your chance to shine so don’t have a dumpy site. Get a content rich environment for them to research.
  4. Finally, have your contact form ready. Make it so easy to get ahold of you and return their inquiries within 12 hours.


This is the basic path new clients take to find you. Instagram is not the only online presence you need but merely one of many you should have in place for clients to discover.  This is called building profile of your potential client.  Take a minute to see how challenging it is for people to find you and sculpt a path of least resistance for your new clients.

Here are some helpful links to get started with your new web page:

Site Ground

A great place to host your page.


Keep all your domains in one place.


Don't want to host? Try WordPress for free.


If you have a hosted site, I highly recomend Beaver Builder for a simple design experience.


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