I drew the Circle Jerks poster!

I Drew the Circle Jerks Poster!!!

I drew the flyer for the upcoming Circle Jerks show in St. Louis. I am beyond stoked!!

The Red Flag

The Red Flag is THE venue for shows. I mean it is just perfect. It is big enough to get a bunch of concert goers comfortably in the venue but small enough to keep the shows intimate.

I grew up in the punk and hardcore scene in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Mississippi Nights and 1227 introduced me to my tribe. I’m pushing 50 years old and I was slowly turning Into the old guy that talks about the old days too much.

History repeats itself and all my favorite bands are touring again. This time I get to take my 13 year old to shows and relive my youth through their excitement. It’s pretty fucking rad listening to old punk with my kid.

The Circle Jerks Show

My first thought was to draw the band all old and running on treadmills. I ditched that idea and sketched the Circle Jerks Logo in space.

First Sketch

They are on tour with 7-Seconds, one of my favorite bands. That just got me more jazzed. I refined the drawing and got the OK from Bob the owner of Red Flag to proceed with the design.

He provided me with the final line up and all the info text. I put all that together and here is what happened:

Bob sent a pic of the flyer to the Kevin Seconds, the front man for 7-seconds. He sent me this screen shot.

Now that’s the seal of approval. It’s a good feeling when the bands like the poster art.

I "Risograph" printed the flyers for the show. In the days of digital it’s nice to have a physical poster to hang on the wall.


Here are the details of the show. Hurry and get your tickets!!

Get your tickets.

March 22, 2022
Circle Jerks
“40th anniversary tour”
7 Seconds,
Negative Approach
Doors 7, show 8
$30. All ages show.

Buy your tickets online HERE!

You can also buy a print at my online store HERE


-Matt Hodel

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  1. Adam Zeveski on February 8, 2022 at 7:35 pm

    Fucking killing it!

    • Matt Hodel on February 8, 2022 at 7:36 pm

      Dude! Thank you. Really appreciate it.

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