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I am officially a Certified Coach

Being a business owner is one of the loneliest positions to have.  I had tried my best to network with other business owners but I always felt like I wasn’t successful enough to hang in there league.  Everyone else had a secret edge that I didn’t know how to find.

Even if I could talk-the-talk, the “imposter syndrome” would tell me I had no business being in business. It bothered me so much I started reaching out to find help and eventually connected with a business coach. This was the first time I was able to find a direction and a purpose. I had been imitating tactics but I had no strategy. My coach helped give me a playbook to direct my business.

It had such an impact on me that I wanted to spread the good word and give advice to anyone and everyone when it came to business.  Unfortunately, I didn’t always deliver my message effectively.  I later learned that giving information at 30,000 feet always falls on deaf ears. I needed to help people on ground level. I needed to learn how to coach correctly.

I needed to become a Trained Coach

I trained to become a Certified Coach! I learned so much about how to help people grow and learn. I was trying to be a mentor, a teacher and a part time therapist. That is not what a coach does. A coach helps clients improve by understanding their strengths and weaknesses and promote and maintain motivation.

The best part about me being a coach is that I am also licensed to use the Business Made Simple learning systems.

“An individual trained and licensed by Business Made Simple to coach their clients through running and growing their business using the Business Made Simple Framework, courses and content.”

What does this mean for my clients? Not only can I reach into my 28 years of tattooing, or my experience from owning Ragtime Tattoo for 11 years, but I have access to a massive resource library of coaching knowledge provided by Business Made Simple. Plus a helpful community of coaches who help one another.

I want to be your Business Coach. Call me. Let us assess your business today.

Matt Hodel


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