Hunter doesn’t stop.

Hunter | A true collector.

Heavily Tattooed

Hunter has been getting tattooed by me for years. We balanced his arms in a “yin-yang” approach. If we did a skull blue on the left, it was red on the right. We did not mirror his arms, we just paid careful attention to the layout and it turned out great.

We started on his legs a few weeks ago. Todays challenge was to add a cock and a snake. Ok get all your sick jokes out. Finished? Let’s move one.

Hunter does not suffocate the design process. He gives me a general idea and by now I know exactly what he is going for. That is what happens when you have dedicated clients. I’m pretty lucky to get to work with such trusting people.

Let’s get some References!

I usually Google something like “vintage postcard woodblock” to get my favorite results. These images are perfect! Lots of movement, layering and texture in the cocks. Gigidy.

My cock drawing.

I overdrew this design. It’s over detailed for the size it is going to be. I compromised by doing a simple snake. The important thing to concentrate on is the energy the shape of the snake makes. Have a good coiled body that is ready to launch is important.

The chicken is responding with all feathers flared. A mix between surprise and defensive stance to counter the snakes presence. If you can catch it, I leaned heavy on the fibonacci spiral.

Hunters Colorful Cock

Hunters Cock

The tattoo is so small and busy that I decided to let the outlines hold all the black. I didn’t really add to much more. I didn’t want it to get to heavy.

Instead, I used a lot of solid color and occasionally went back with some darker colors, but I did not use the traditional heavy black whip.

I am pretty happy with this guy.

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