Hot Springs Offroad!

Matt and April in the Sidexside

Cheap fun. Rent a Side by Side!

I’ve been looking at the Hot Springs Offroad Park on the Google box for awhile now. I’ve been looking for a cool place to take my Xterra and since we were driving through Arkansas on the way home, I thought it would make a great scouting trip.

We camped at the park and from the minute we arrived I could tell the staff was awesome. This is a professional outfit through and through. It is always nice to see a good operation with customer service in this day and age.


We had the morning to kill, so after some coffee we ran into Hot Springs and man was it cool. I have never been here. After driving down the strip, April and I decided to make this our 2023 vacation spot. Too much to take in at once. The architecture settled into the hills gave the town such a unique vibe.

We parked in front of the Gangster Museum. The tour was starting so it made sense to jump in line. Did you know Hot Springs was a Mecca for gangsters and illegal activity until 1967?

I did not. The tour was pretty cool and filled in all the history that made Hot Springs such a hot bed for baseball to casinos.

The coolest thing was Dillinger’s death mask.

Dillingers death mask.

Hell yes!! Hit the trails!!

So here is the deal. Most ATV tours are boring, slow, and too tame. I was on a scouting trip and this was the only way to see the hills.

Holy crap was this not your typical tourists bull crap. Ty was our guide and I’ll quote “I’m gonna get crazy, and if you can out crazy me, I’ll be impressed.” We did everything below a level 5 trail. Seriously this was awesome.

We hit a few lookouts but he made sure we had as much seat time as possible. 2 hours of rock crawling, puddle blasting, mud slinging and butt puckering trail riding. I smiled the whole time. Honestly having a guide really helped cover way more park.

If we would not of had a guide, there is no way I would have done some of the trails. I was kinda like a kid playing keep up. “Well if Ty did it, I can do it!”

Sometimes we were going so fast that you didn’t have time to think “maybe this is too sketchy”.

I’m going back for sure!!

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