Hiking Mountains.

Hiking Mountains
Today I hiked three mountains.  The smallest was Siriuskogl (599m). This is for old people and children.  The next was Jainzenberg (834 m) . This was only 1.5 hour hike to the top.  A little more fun with some good incline.  This was still one step above easy but not for the lazy.  The third I took a cable car to the top of. Katrin is 1450 m. I took pictures of each mountain top to the other mountain top,  Last Sunday I ran a half marathon.  This Sunday I hiked in three mountains.  Fuck yes to life.  These are things I couldn’t have done without my wife or sobriety.
View from Jainzenberg (834 m) looking at Siriuskogl (599m)
View from Siriuskogogl (599m) looking at Jainzenberg (834 m)
View from Katrin (1450 m) looking at Jainzenberg (834 m)


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