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Louie’s leg is ripe with humor. I guess you could describe him as silly but he looks a serious as a heart attack. Currently he’s shaved bald and looks scary as hell but if he showed you his hidden tattoos it would throw you off.

We already did the deep meaning sleeve on him a few years ago. It was planned and designed to be close to his heart and a proud reminder of his accomplishments. Now he gets fun stuff. Tattoos that make you giggle and bring joy to the world.

My favorite is the Hoosier Eagle; complete with little balls, beer and a mullet.

The Santa Claus is supposed to be exposed when he sits down in shorts. It’s an eye grabber and conversation starter.


The one we just added goes next to his St Louis Blues Stanley Cup victory tattoo, is Cardinals Mardi Gras.

Go Blues!!!
Cardinal Gras!!

I like how these lay next to each other. There is a lot of color and discovery. It takes the both of us to have this much fun.

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