Failing to Succeed

I hear the word success more that 10 times a day. I choose to hear it. I surround myself with the word.

When I run, the Nike App commentator says it in my earbuds. When I listen to podcasts on my drive to work, the host says success repeatedly. The book I am reading right now talks about success in every chapter. I discuss success with my friends and I talk about it with my wife.

Ambition breeds ambition. Rarely does a person who makes a list of goals and how to accomplish them, end up unhealthily, lonely and broke. I want to be around successful people so I can see how they fail and what happens next.

Failure is the key ingredient to success. I didn’t learn how to fail until I was in my 30’s. In fact I didn’t fail too often before my thirties because I never tried to accomplish anything I really wanted. I was to afraid. I was afraid of failing.

I finally took on a project that was way over my head. I built a chopper with my friend Ryan. It took years and when I road it for the first time I had been transformed. I had completed a project and it filled my self esteem bank. It was contagious.

I have done a lot since then. I have rebuilt a diesel truck and my Harley. I remodeled houses. I quit drinking and smoking. I have my own tattoo shop. I have awesome marriage. I lost a hundred pounds and ran a half marathon. But I also failed a whole bunch of times in between.

I have failed starting business (plural). I have tried to invest my extra money and lost it. I have tried to help and done more harm. I have taken on projects that fall flat. All these things and I don’t stop. I learned one important thing.

Everything I want is on the other side of fear.

So I hang out with very committed and successful people. Not to figure out how they succeeded but to find out how they handled themselves when they failed.

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