Cheap Airbrush Booth

DIY Airbrush Booth

I am too cheap to spend $150-200 on an airbrush booth. I do not airbrush enough to justify it.

I found a Wagner Spray Shelter at Home Depot for $29. I added a box fan for $25 and a standard filter for another $10.

That is $65 dollars compared to the $200 bucks you can spend for a fancy one.

I have a huge air compressor in the garage behind my studio. It is loud and not easily moved. It has been very useful but the location isn’t idle for my art studio.

I bought this Portable 5 gallon air tank and added a tool pressure regulator plus a quick connector. This allows me to airbrush quietly in my studio. When the tank is empty I just refill it with my compressor.

I think the whole set up cost $45

I was eager to paint something so I used a little model car from the Marvel Crisis Protocol Game. I might have rushed the job, but that’s ok. My first test run of the DIY airbrush booth was awesome. No fumes and no lingering overspray when use Airbrush Cleaner when I switch colors.

I would say today was a success. The only thing missing is a light. I’ll try and figure that out next.


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