Cancelation Policy!

People cancel their appointments. This is a simple fact of business. I do not take offense to a cancelation. Do you want to know why?

I love my clients. I love hanging out with them and I put them before myself. If someone needs to cancel I do not penalize them or beat them down with guilt. Instead I take precautions to minimize the amount of cancelations in my calendar.

Here are 4 ways I handle a cancelation:

I do not live hand to mouth financially.
I am not counting on the next client to pay a bill that is long over due. I save my money. I do not live beyond my means and continue the pressure onto my clients.

I schedule 20% more appointments than I need.
I run my week by billable hours. If I need 10 hours of billable work to hit a financial goal, I will schedule 12. This allows for people to cancel and not interfere with a budget.

I stay busy.
I usually overbook myself. I do it because I love tattooing. This results in a very tight schedule for preparing myself to start a new project. Most tattoos take some time to get ready so if I have a surprise opening in my day it is a win.

I have awesome clients.
I don’t make a habit of making appointments that are likely to cancel. My referrals are very good about sending me like minded and responsible adults. If I get a consultation with a few red flags, I book another consultation with them. We continue to do this until we have nailed down our plan of attack.

So cancelations are just apart of life. Accept that and happiness will follow. What about deposits you say? Over 90% of my appointments on the book HAVE NO DEPOSIT! Can you believe that? I have appointments booked for the next 4 months and I am not worried. I have built a trusting relationship with my clients. It is a two way street. I respect them and they respect me.

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