BLURB’s Online Portfolio Maker

I love Blurb. I just got done making another portfolio. In the past I have used Adobe InDesign to layout my books. Doing it this way gives me a lot of control of the layout. Today I decided to use their HTML book making option. I was surprised at how much control I really had over the layout of my new portfolio.

It was pretty simple. I uploaded my photos from my computer and the web page drops them into a scroll bar at the bottom of the page. After you have dragged and dropped a new photo into the book, it puts a check mark to remind me that I have used the phot in the project. This is really handy. I have put double in almost every portfolio until now.

After a quick review, I get a new book and a PDF file for my own records. With my free Blurb account, they keep my project on file. Why I like Blurb over other companies is the quality of the paper and print. The color matching is much closer that some of the other companies offering the same service. Plus if you want t, you can print photos straight off your social media sites.

Have you ever lost your portfolio while traveling? This is not a problem with Blurb. I can simply go back and reorder my book. 

Click the link below to download my new Portfolio! Maybe you’re in it?

Matt Hodel’ Portfolio 2017

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