Becoming Tattooed

Becoming Heavily Tattooed.

Swapping stories about getting your first tattoo is fun.  It’s a lot like bagging about fishing tales or near death experiences.  Your nerves overestimate the environment and the adjectives don’t quite capture the maximum effect your trying to articulate.  The only way someone else can understand is if they have been through it too.

Adrenaline pumping and sweaty palms compliment your dizzy head as the tattoo machine whirls into action. The first feeling is indescribable and never quite what you had expected.  It is like trying to describe what chicken tastes like.  Going through your first tattoo is monumental.  The act of getting tattooed is a rite of passage.  It is a reminder that if you can sit though the pain and permanence of a tattoo, you can do anything.

They cherry has been popped and you collected 3 more.  Their locations are relevant only to placement for concealment.  After all, you don’t plan on getting that many so one on each appendage should be a nice balance.  Quite quickly you have collected 10 on one arm and 8 on the other.  Somewhere along the way you crossed the threshold of having tattoos to being tattooed!

You Are Covered

Finding yourself coved in ink, you stroll into your favorite tattoo shop and declare that you need all of these life experiences neatly tide together so that you have that tattoo look. The full sleeved tattooed collector looking confident and sharp. You will be admired by those newbie tattoo collectors and explain how every tattoo you wear has a deep connection.  The problem is everything you wear is so random that there isn’t a great way to cohesively finish off your arms.

I am betting that when you set off to get your first tattoo, you never imaged how far down the rabbit hole you would go.  Now that you are here, don’t you wish you could go back in time and planned this whole thing out better?

Plan Your Tattoo Sleeves

As a tattoo artist, I like to find people who know they are going to be heavily tattoo.  I am here to provide a service and a big part of what I do is to console potential clients on their options on how to approach getting a full sleeve or back piece.  This is my expertise in the tattoo world.

What my clients have discovered is that I have already been planning the next move before they even knew they wanted more.  I design tattoos that fill the space nicely and can be continued flawlessly.  The compositions will look great if we stopped with a half sleeve, but they look even better when the tattoo is pulled down to the wrist.  Everything looks like it was well thought out because it was well thought out!

Set up a Consultation

If you need help trying to navigate just how to get large tattoos, I am here to help.  Below is a link to my contact form.  Let’s set up a time that we can sit down and discuss you comfort levels today and what they will be 20 years from now!


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