Bastards of Art : Lost Episodes

The Bastards of Art Movement


Last year I had the idea to try a podcast.  I wrangled Jon Fournier into the project and together we recorded 24 episodes that were released weekly.

Together we learned a lot.  I think the most positive part of the project was forcing ourselves to articulate what we do naturally.  Our goal was to encourage artists to find themselves and push to become the best they could be.

The “Matt and Jon” cohost episodes have come to an end.  The Bastards of Art movement has not stopped there.

I the down time since recorded the finally episodes, I have brainstormed on how to continue the Bastards of Art movement.  Soon the BOA will launch into its new production!

Until then, enjoy the last to episodes of the Bastards of Art. Unedited. and previously unreleased.


Bastards of Art

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