Back Piece Finished!

Congrats to August


So much goes into getting your back tattooed. You need to figure out what the idea is, how to design it, how to pay for it, how to commit time to it and how to keep up the energy when your still not finished.

Finishing a large tattoo is very hard.  I estimate that 40% of clients fully finish their back pieces.  Another 40% get to a stage where the tattoo looks finished but the last bells and whistles are skipped.  They might have figured "hey, it looks good enough and I'm sick of getting tattooed in a spot I cant see..." And then the last 20% just don't make it to the finish line.  It's normal time or money.  Life changes so much over the course of a year that the commitment gets put on hold while more pressing matters take hold of them.

I thought I had lost August. We started his back in 2017.  We finished in 2022.  That is a huge gap and personally I think people just accept defeat and give up when there is a 3 year gap or more.  I was proven wrong when Ausust set up his last 4 appointment to sprint to the finish.


Going back to the beginning, I was really inspired by Kiku's tattoos.  He has a strong almost graphic approach to his Japanese work.  I have seen how he strips the design everything unnecessary and gives the client the boldest image possible.  I really wanted to take this same approach.

During the consult I sketched on the motion of August's back. I am not trying to do a final drawing, I am just listening to what the back had to say.  A classic tiger going down was the best pose for this job.

In my notes I say "bubble butt".  This is important because I wanted to keep any information that would get lost on such a protruding surface. People with flat butts actually get more imagery because their back and butt have fused together. I, myself am a "Hank Hill" butt club member.


If you are thinking about getting your back done, there is no half stepping.  It is all or nothing. The last true commitment in tattooing. When done right, it makes a very strong statement about your personality.  Only the dedicated will be apart of this elite club.

Congrats August.

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