Attaching a Halfsleeve Tattoo!

Mike came back to finish a sleeve! I knew he would. That’s why I designed his halfsleeve to seamlessly connect to whatever he wanted to do next.

It’s almost like I planned it this way!

Clients are not always ready to get a whole sleeve but I am ready for when they are. When I design a tattoo, I am also thinking about what I can do next. This way my tattoos don’t look segmented and awkward.

With Mike‘s sleeve, I did tricks like only tattooing half of a leaf originally. This helps hide the seem of old and new tattoo.

Also, I did the same with the background. I drew it bigger than I needed for a halfsleeve. When I tattooed it, I only tattooed what was needed for the halfsleeeve, but I set myself up for a win when Mike came back to finish.

I just picked up where I left off.


  1. Jason Cleveland on June 11, 2023 at 10:33 pm

    Another Great looking sleeve….You still got it!!!

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