Arm Studies in. Adobe Fresco

Study of the Arm in Fresco

I was pretty happy with this study of arms. It is no secret that the human anatomy is difficult for me. I tend to shy away from the muscle structure and only show a simple shape of the arm.

Recently I revisited Andrew Loomis’ book “Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth. There is a great presentation on the way to think about what is under the skin. He explains what “bumps and shapes” are prominent and why. His explanation helped me understand the general idea of important landmarks on the human body.

Andrew Loomis

My goal is to break down the body. In the past I’ve been overwhelmed by drawing the body in its entirety. This is nothing new, it is just new to me. I’m old but I’m not done learning. I will be posting more of my studies over the year.

Hopefully I can paint a whole figure one day.

Matt Hodel

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