This convention fell on my birthday every year.  It was some of the best times of my career.  I got to meet a lot of people and travel everywhere.  Vienna is where I met Max from Tattoos to the Max and Micheal from Tattoo & Art Vienna.  I also became really good friends with Sean Vasquez.

Ok enough links.  I owe a lot to these guys.  They helped shape my career in those early days.  These trips Europe were lead by Ed Madigan and Tom Depriest.  These two guys opened a lot of doors for my traveling.  Back in the days before email and cell phones, you called Ed at Artistic Body Works to find out where everyone was at.  Ed was kinda the center of the wagon wheel.  You always had a home in Cocoa Beach.  Enough bull shitting,  here are some pics…

Mike and Mary Skiver, Eddy and Simon from Borneo, Tom and Ed, Patty Kelly, Cute Girl,  Geoff Mccann, Frank and his wife Nicole from Germany.

Tom Depriest

Me and my frankfurter.

Geoff and Ed Madigan

Ok so I’ll tell one story about Geoff.  We were on a sleeper car to Amsterdam.  They lock the sleeper cars up so regular folk don’t walk through the car and wake people up.  Geoff and I stayed up drinking for a bit.  There was this hostess with the mostest that was hanging out with us.  Anyway,  I got the hostess to play a prank on Geoff.  See when Geoff was younger, he was a bit more naive.  So me and this hostess told Geoff, the reason the doors to the cars were locked was to keep a secret.  The rest of the sleeper cars were full of cows to be burned in the Netherlands.  We told him Germany had reached its limit of cows struck down with Mad Cow Disease.  So they had to secretly export the extra dead and diseased cows out of the country in passenger sleeper cars.  That was pretty funny to watch Geoff get excited and wanna take pictures of these cows.  I don’t know if I ever told him the truth.

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