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Advice for the New Tattooist.

Tips for the Freshman Tattooist. Its has been said that you haven’t been tattooing until your fifth year is complete. This is when you get to see your old tattoos healed. It takes that long for your tattoos to settle. Until then, your first 5 years are very important. Here is some advice. Take it…

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Tattoo Artist Meet-up!

What we do is not secret. Secrecy has been considered a value in the tattoo culture. It has been such a tradition to guard all of your information that we pretend we are sitting on a wealth of knowledge that only the entitled are privy to. If you know me, I constantly challenge the standards…

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Five Programs you will need to learn.

Sketch Book Pro This is the starter kit drawing program for the intimidated and computer inept artist. I have shown this program to tattoo artists around the country. Artists that had never drawn digitally took to Sketchbook very quickly. Sketchbook is a stripped down drawing program. It is very intuitive for a traditional artist…

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Machine tuning 101

[wr_row][wr_column span=”span12″][wr_text] This is a drawing I did a few years ago.  In the 90’s we were told nickel/dime rules.  Everything else was somewhat of a mystery compared to the wealth of knowledge today.  I used to live and die by the Jonesy frame.  It was very middle of the road.  As my drawing improved,…

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