A little about me, I’m 25, South-Korean, an artist and an entertainment caricature artist in St. Louis, MO and I’m interested in learning how to tattoo.

I received my art education at Webster University in St. Louis, focusing on drawing and painting. The core of my artwork is built on observation which naturally led to my interest in symbolisms and psychology of modern society, more specifically unsettling nature of humanity. My work is based on my philiosophy, one of them being that although we spend much of our lives believing we are independent individuals, we are in fact inseparably interwined no matter how conscious and in control we feel that we are. Creating is my own form and attempt at finding some type of connection to the norms of people. Seeing beauty within madness and translating it into something viewers can visually experience is an essential component in my work and is what ultimately sparked my interest in tattoos.

My real interest in tattooing came pretty late on and as for now I’m basically a clean canvas. I’m planning for that to change soon and since I find Japanese-style tattoos to be intriguing, I am considering building up to a body suit gradually and carefully over time. I’ve always been attracted to the aestetic side of tattoos and even considered looking for an apprenticeship towards the end of college, but never got to the point of putting my interest into action; then one thing lead to another and ended up following a path of caricaturing instead. After about 3 years of building up my reputation as a caricature artist and settling into that routine, I decided I needed a big change in my life and so I set myself a new target and began building up my portfolio.

This blog will be a visual and verbal documentation of my new journey and is designed to share my experiences with anyone who find themselves in my position or anyone who’s interested in art in general. For now expect a lot of work in progress sketches to be posted. I will be doing my best to update regularly so I hope you enjoy and if you see anything that speaks to you, feel free to drop a comment. Thanks for looking!

-Haram Ahn