Japan with Sabado

I went to Japan in 1997 and 1998.  I set the whole trip up writing letters to Sabado.  Sabado had a shop called Eccentric Tattoo in Nagoya.  It was the first street shop in Japan. He had to jump through a lot of hoops to get it open!

I got to tattoo there.  It was really great experience. The things I learned I still use today.

  1. Your drawing can always be redrawn.  
  2. Take very thorough notes and paper work when setting up appointment
  3. Work is for work.  Dinner is for play
  4. Take photos of everything
 Brazilian Tattoo magazine.  This is my arm that Sabado tattooed.


 This is one of the letters that Sabado wrote me making fun of me and Brad Fink for drinking beer on the streets of Tokyo.

Sabado had tons of sketch books of every tattoo he drew.  You could thumb through them and see the progression.   When his clients would come in,  they got a file, finger printed, and put down a large deposit.  Me and Brad were late for work one day and you could tell the shop was kinda bummed we weren’t there on time.  Sabado ran a tight ship.  Everyone stopped tattooing when someone was getting ready to take a photo.  He took a photo of everything.

Sabado had a best friend in Brazil. They went everywhere together.   His name was Domingo.  People would say, “Here come Sabado and Domingo!”  That is where Sabado got his nick name.  (Saturday and Sunday)

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