The Koi Fish

There is meaning.  It’s whatever meaning you give it.  Sometimes just the experience of getting a tattoo is the meaning.  Don’t think so hard.  On this friday I FlashBack to five Koi fish on five different clients.  Every client is unique. How I chose to draw a tattoo is very much a reflection of the client.  When picking out a tattoo, remember that it has already been done.  You are not going to find an original image.  But with a consultation, a little bit of investigation, we can come up with an original idea.

Take note in these examples.  The hero is the Koi fish.  How is it placed in the composition and what are the accessories used to set the mood?  The water can create a calming or struggle.  The flowers can show strength or just a splash of color.  The position of the fish can show emotion. The weight of the background (or lack of) can show a masculine or feminine setting.

So during your hours of internet searching remember that you are just looking for a spring board for your ideas.  Your tattoo hasn’t been drawn yet.  We will figure it out together during your consultation.

-Matt Hodel








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