Howard and Patrick

Howard and Patrick

Original portrait by Alboy

This is a portrait that was done almost ten years back.  Howard wanted to add on to it.  So we came up with some ideas, and set a plan into motion.  The obvious problem would be to make it look as if the tattoo wasn’t done in two stages.  The portrait aged beautifully.  A new tattoo next to it would be the only way to show it’s age.

Sketch for the flowers.

I had to work with Howard to find out what the original photo looked like.  I used sketch book pro to draw on top of the tattoo photo while Howard watched.  He let me know when I had restored the tattoo digitally.  The only thing left was to tattoo the sketch we had created.

Thank you Howard for hanging out with me.

Original tattoo
Digitally enhanced sketch
In progress.
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