Grant Wyatt stopped by today.  I haven’t seen him in over a decade.  He is living life to the fullest in Vietnam.  A Missionary, he and his family give hope to those we only see on TV.  

Acting as a liaison, he helps direct the support given to smaller villages in rural Vietnam.  How does he get to remote parts of this beautiful country? Motorcycles of course. He sets up motorcycle tours for westerners as well!

In his travels outside of Vietnam, he and his wife found a market in Burma.  In an old four story building in the market, they found tribal antiques.  They bought cool brass door knockers, old opium pipes made of jade and a tattoo tool from a Head Hunting Tribe.  They even found a book with designs to go with the tattoo tool.

The tribe is from the Bangladesh and Burmese border.  It is unknown how old the items are.  The book appears to have a Hindi script around the border of the designs.

Grant purchased the book and tool and gave it to me as a gift. I am truly grateful and really excited to receive such a great piece of tattoo history.  It comes from a culture where tattoos are worn to ward of evil and show affiliation.  Nobody cares about Instagram likes in this part of the world.  The tattoos given are as honest as they can be.  They mean what they say, and they say what they mean.


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