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The greatest thing about working with others is watching them grow.  Perspective and comfort zones are put to the test as we merge into a new way of life.  Tattooing is just that: A Lifestyle.  As I watch my friend Haram take on the challenges of absorbing a new way living, I am impressed by here ability to organize her time and goals.  

Haram’s journey into tattooing will not be easy. Tattooing will not be handed to her. She is taking action to prepare for the unexpected.

Here is a Blog from www.haramtattoo.com


Now that my awesome trip has come to an end, one of the first thing I want to focus on is how to manage my time better. I know I need a more defined structure in my life which means I need to introduce a new habit. Without a good healthy routine, it’s so easy to procrastinate and feel overwhelmed with daily tasks. The key is to force myself into these habits and keep at them no matter what. 

Where to start

Before I start my work week, I plan out my day/wk in advance. I write down what I want to get done and then keep track of each task as I complete it. Would I be able to follow my schedule to a tee? Probably not. What I’m doing is monitoring the amount of time it takes to complete each task and after I get a good idea of how much time I actually need, I can start establishing a realistic routine that I can actually stick to. I’m not trying to set too many goals because I don’t want to set myself up for failure.

My tasks are as simple as:

Wake up early
Eat a balanced breakfast
Plan my day/reflection time
Get ready for the shop

As long as I keep track of tasks and complete them, I am on the right track.


Every morning, I make sure that I set aside some time to reflect on my progress and write about what went well, what didn’t, and what I can do to improve. One clarifying question I ask myself is, “the day is over and I’m leaving the shop with a great sense of accomplishment. What have I achieved?” Asking this question helps me to self-evaluate and assess aspects that are important to me.

Make it work 

It’s not easy to stay disciplined but I know that having good habits will keep me happy, productive, and mentally & physically healthy. It’s the process that’s difficult but once I establish it into my routine, it will simply become my “it-is-what-it-is list.”


-Haram Ahn

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