Day one of traveling was a success.  Ryan and I made to the Belle Via Farm with a small stop at Saints and Sinners in Dallas. I enjoyed the chance to stretch my legs and say hello.  There is something really great about tattoo shops. This shop has a distinctive classic feel.  It is nice to meet new and old friends so far from home. We are in the good land of Texas.  As I sit here and type, I can here the coyotes off in the distance.

Our first day here, we framed out the trusses on an old cinderblock building. It will be the future kitchen for Aubry and Perrine’s farm. Holly brought out some dinner just in time to quit work.  It’s difficult to move.  I am very full from a homemade stew.  Wild boar sausage with lots of beans and veggies.  A strong way to end a day.

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