Choppers, parking tickets, New Mexico

Woke up to the UPS man delivering an over night package. Not a bad start to a porn. Well I needed an ignition coil. Got that installed on the chopper and took off for breakfast at Loyola’s on old Route 66. You might recognize it from Breaking Bad. Meet an old man named Larry with ’54 Chevy.
Next we headed to old town and got some parking tickets. I saw some pottery I would like to buy. Real deal hand made Navajo.

On our way back we ran into Trent, owner and operater of Atomic Custom he invited Ryan and I back to his garage. So I filled my tank and shot up the mountain for a 30 mile run. Fucking Awesome. Trent is a very talented self taught builder with a strong opinion of the opposite sex. A mountain hermit with a generous heart. He showed us his latest build he dubbed “The Frost Lord”. Trent gave me a front brake caliper that I had been on the search for. We said our good byes and got pictures of our bikes in his back yard. His backyard has a mountain on it.

Gassed up. Jammed down the mountain and old Route 66. We got back in time for home made green chile enchiladas.

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  1. Anonymous August 1, 2012 at 6:08 am #

    dont forget Gacrias cafe on Central that is on Breaking Bad. Should shoot down west I-40 to that casino just outside Albq, they have the best deals on authentic indian pottery. Acoma is my favortite NM pottery, best geometric patterns i have found anyway. Jon Walton…see you Saturday bud.

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