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New Episode!! Bastards of Art Podcast

Episode 25 starts a new chapter for the Bastrards of Art PODCAST! I’m back with some short and sweet episodes!  Miss me? I know you did!! -Matt Hodel

BLURB’s Online Portfolio Maker I love Blurb. I just got done making another portfolio. In the past I have used Adobe InDesign to layout my books. Doing it this way gives me a lot of control of the […]

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Wanna see some of my older tattoos?

It’s Throw Back Thursday! I found a memory card from 2008. I guess I didn’t like taking straight photos in back then.

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Wish it was Warmer.

Man, its cold out! I can’t believe summer went by so fast. Here are some pics from our last campout to get me through this damn cold weather.  

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Be Successful, Damn It!

Being successful isn’t out of your reach. I use an app called flip book. It searches the internet for me and brings back topics I’m interested in. Today, the blog I reposted below came across […]

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Don’t be a Dick.

My second year of tattooing, I was working long hours at Iron Age. It was the original location that was upstairs next to Vintage Vinyl. I’d had a trying week of crazy customers. It was […]

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Kelsey’s Photo Shoot

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Winter Ride.

First camping trip of the year. A 250 mile loop to Giant City State Park. We found a cemetery for old heavy equipment. Went on some hikes. I think April and I have figure out […]

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You will Quit Tattooing

Why you will quit tattooing. I used to say “Tattoo artist don’t retire, they just die.” Thats not a true statement anymore. It is no secret that a rising amount of ambitious practitioners are rushing […]

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Mark Your Tribe

  This is Tom. Guess what Tom does?  Mechanics and Gearheads will recognize his tattoos instantly.  That’s Tom’s tribe.  If Tom got stuck in some shitty dinner party with a bunch of stuck up assholes, […]

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Five Programs you will need to learn.

Sketch Book Pro This is the starter kit drawing program for the intimidated and computer inept artist. I have shown this program to tattoo artists around the country. Artists that had never drawn digitally […]

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Sketchbook 2011

Sketches from old conventions.           

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I want to be a Tattoo Artist!!

Why I don’t want my kids to tattoo. Tattooing is not for everyone. I get asked about letting my kids get tattooed or what if my kids want to tattoo for a living. The answer […]

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Discover Missouri: Arrow Head

April and I have been doing these camping trips on the motorcycle.  We pack light and ride across the back roads of Missouri to discover the people and places that get lost on the insular […]

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Draw. Tattoo. Draw.

The first years of tattooing are tricky.  Your focus should be on technical ability.  Can you make the machines do what you want them to do?  The first few years are just a challenge to […]

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by Mark DeNicola at In a world where people are regularly commended for things such as hard work, dedication and focus, the idea of not taking life seriously can sound preposterous. But is a […]

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Sick of Losing Your DRAWINGS?

Comparing Digital Drawing to Traditional Drawing is like comparing a Car to a Horse. If you still have doubt or are scared of the learning curve, it is time to make the plunge. The time […]

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FBF My first 5k.

This is me in April of 2014. This was my first 5k. I started walking. January 1st of 2014 I started walking on a treadmill in my basement. I walked 1 mile in 22 minutes. […]

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Done Vs. Perfect

It’s easy to forget how much time has passed by while an idea has remained hidden from the world, locked in your brain. Something that you’ve been telling yourself you’ll “get to at some point,” […]

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Brain Mush

Ever feel like you can’t fucking think? Matt Hodel

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Tick Tock Boom

  Eventually the shit is gonna hit the fan. I drew a candle because I didn’t actually want to draw shit and a fan.

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Getting Motivated, and How it Really Works.

Sometimes that spark for a creative burst isn’t just about randomly happening upon the right material or artist or film, etc. at just the right moment. Productive AND creative people (yes, those can exist simultaneously) […]

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Flash Back Friday of a Sexy Matt Hodel

This Friday I give you a few flashbacks!! Here is me in all my sexy.  The 90’s were my heyday, as you can see.  If you remember me then, can you fill in the gaps […]

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Pages from my Sketchbooks

Here are a few pages out of some older sketchbooks. I use sketchbooks for character and composition development. What does a bunny look like? How does it look from every angle? These drawings are the […]

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Horisora is Tattooing at Ragtime!

Horisora Tattooist Horisora is a Japanese Traditional Tattoo Artist. I am very excited to have her work for a week with us at Ragtime Tattoo. She is taking appointments from January 27-31. You can contact […]

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