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I hate Instagram

Smokey Mountains

Matt Hodel hiking Gregory’s Bald In April of 2018 I awoke on a Gregory’s Bald in the Smokey Mountains.  The altitude gave me a headache and the morning air made me sick.  I didn’t take time to make a cup of instant coffee before morning light.  As I walked in through the scatted trees, every…

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Dyna Flashback

2015 was an awesome riding season. We really pushed my dyna to its limits. Traveling through 9 states we cover a few thousand miles of back roads. We did our best to stay off the interstates and the rewards were plentiful.  I finally used my warranty I got from Docs. It expires in two weeks.…

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Head Hunters and old Friends

Grant Wyatt stopped by today.  I haven’t seen him in over a decade.  He is living life to the fullest in Vietnam.  A Missionary, he and his family give hope to those we only see on TV.   Acting as a liaison, he helps direct the support given to smaller villages in rural Vietnam.  How…

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Discovering Missouri: Duke to Van Buren

I will post a video of our epic off road road trip. We crossed creeks and washed out roads while April walked knee high ahead of the bike.  We had to ride up rock roads made for dirt bikes and country roads made for farm equipment. We brought a stranded biker gas.  Camped on the…

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Hiking in Austria

Hiking. Bad Ischl has more hiking trails than most cities have bus lines.  Five if the trail are a five minute walk from my front door. This is only one of them.

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Last day at the Ranch

Wednesday.  The sun got the better of me.  I really looked forward to this trip.  It is great working outside together with your family.  Spending so much time indoors this cold winter did not prepare me for the Texas sun.  I tapped out around 3pm and had to get off the roof.  I spent the…

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Day three in Texas

Got a lot more done today.  Getting onto the tedious parts of the roof before we can deck it.  I used a front loader to get the plywood onto the roof.  So tommorow morning, we should be able to start nailing it down.  It feels good to be out here working in the sun.  This…

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First days of the Texas Road Trip.

Day one of traveling was a success.  Ryan and I made to the Belle Via Farm with a small stop at Saints and Sinners in Dallas. I enjoyed the chance to stretch my legs and say hello.  There is something really great about tattoo shops. This shop has a distinctive classic feel.  It is nice…

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Stability Through Mobility

(this blog was written for blog) click here to visit Stability Through Mobility A Blog by Matt Hodel It never seemed a viable option to not travel.  Before the internet, tattoo magazines were the window to the rest of the industry. The biggest flaw was that by the time I had a copy of…

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