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You wanna build Bikes or do Oil Changes?

You wake up in jail. You have a hangover and you’ve just been informed that last night you hit and killed a pedestrian with your car. You are now charged with manslaughter and you need […]

Location is Everything

Building sand castles in the tide is frustrating.

Funny Stuff

Universal Language By Dr. Mercola, taken from If you want to communicate with someone from across the globe who speaks a different language, all you have to do is laugh. Laughter is a form […]

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Kick Procrastination

I planned to write a lengthy intro citing the many ways in which I’m guilty of this… but I kept putting it off. Borrowed from Overcoming Procrastination Manage Your Time. Get It All Done. […]

Tattooing versus the Real World

For all its ups and downs, tattooing has been the only constant in my life. I started tattooing before I could legally drink. I had to borrow Mark Andrew state ID to get into the […]

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#FBF Google Power!

I want to revisit a Blog post from a few years ago. I think Google is a great place to start. It’s very useful in getting your brain emerged into a visual library. We know […]

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Tips on the Schedule Stuff

Just make the time. We’ve been talking a lot lately about getting on track, optimizing time, being productive, and other goal-achieving tips. I thought it would be good to be a little more specific about […]

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Commitment is Paramount

Came across this after a recent conversation about commitment & followthrough. It sums everything up quite nicely. Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Logan Marshall of The Free Life Project. The deafening roar […]

Short & Sweet

Words to live by: “Believe in yourself. Have faith in your abilities. Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy.” ―Norman Vincent Peale “If you don’t design […]

Sick of Losing Your DRAWINGS?

Comparing Digital Drawing to Traditional Drawing is like comparing a Car to a Horse. If you still have doubt or are scared of the learning curve, it is time to make the plunge. The time […]

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Done Vs. Perfect

It’s easy to forget how much time has passed by while an idea has remained hidden from the world, locked in your brain. Something that you’ve been telling yourself you’ll “get to at some point,” […]

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Conquer Stress

It’s Monday, and there’s usually a mixed sense of optimism and exhaustion with what lies ahead for the week. A fresh start, and a new mountain of work. Here’s a few simple reminders about how […]

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Life Unfolds Without Our Counsel

Despite the best intentions… …the best efforts, the most thorough plans, life just does what it wants. We don’t ALWAYS accomplish what we set out to do. We fail. We are reminded that what we […]

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Monkeys Fucking Footballs. (and other original ideas……)

“People over estimate their uniqueness so that commonalities seem like small miracles.” Google has already found your tattoo. It has already found the same tattoo for hundreds of other people wanting a bird and stars. […]

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Do More Than Just Exist

Being on constant display – as most of us are now due to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other social media people steadily consume – can undoubtedly lead to speculation about the perception everyone else […]

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Opportunity Knocks

A recurring theme in my life in the last few years has been encouraging others to see the opportunities all around them. To not get so hung up on boundaries, but to focus on the […]

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“When you are in competition with others, you get bitter. When you are in competition with yourself you get better.” Competition is healthy. Like most traits, using competition in the wrong way can be self […]

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The World Actually IS Yours

I have a great deal of talented, capable, and brilliant friends, clients, and acquaintances in my life that I truly believe in. Folks that I feel grateful to know closely. People in all varieties of […]

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It’s Called Sleep. GET IT.

…And our little life is rounded with a sleep Even though you’ve got a long to-do list looming over your subconscious like a vulture over nearly dead stuff, you need some rest, friends! Sure, no […]

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The Importance of Tattoo Pedigree

The Lineage. I bought a pure breed dog once. The first thing I wanted to know was the condition of the puppie’s parents. Where did this dog come from? How old were the parents? What […]

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Live Your Imagination

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” Henry David Thoreau Dreaming… I’ve always thought it a bit strange that people equate their life’s ambitions and most ultimate aspirations […]

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Think Positively, Experience Positivity

While not the easiest thing anyone’s ever done, keeping a positive mindset is a vital part of success and happiness. Life is a beautiful thing, if you’d just let it be without mucking it up […]

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How much Oral do you Want?

The majority of my career has been the equivalent of processing fish. People lined up to get tattooed and I tried to get through the day as efficiently as possible without losing quality. I don’t […]

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5 things you don’t need.

“Whenever you hear someone say, ‘It’s not personal,’ or its sister phrase, ‘I had no choice,’ you can be almost be certain they’ve made a choice they are ashamed of.” -Page 24. ‘Never Be Closing’ […]

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“Yelp all you want, they can’t hear you”

I have been trying to take control of my business page that Yelp offers. I can’t. It won’t let me. I am against Yelp. I don’t think you can run a review service that pays […]

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