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Tattooing as a Ritual

Humans have had rituals for years.  Rituals mark the end or a beginning. It is a time to put your mind and body at one and to be consciously in the moment.  Examples would be graduating from college, getting married or how we prepare our morning coffee.  The Masons are famous for there secretive rituals. …

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I hate Instagram

Smokey Mountains

Matt Hodel hiking Gregory’s Bald In April of 2018 I awoke on a Gregory’s Bald in the Smokey Mountains.  The altitude gave me a headache and the morning air made me sick.  I didn’t take time to make a cup of instant coffee before morning light.  As I walked in through the scatted trees, every…

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Lessons Learned

My SELFJournal has a few parts to it. There is an opening of the day that includes writing your Itinerary, a Gratitude lList, Targets and daily Goals. Upon closing the day, you write Lessons Learned, Wins and another Gratitude List. The journal has helped me to take a daily inventory of myself and my actions.…

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Wish it was Warmer.

Man, its cold out! I can’t believe summer went by so fast. Here are some pics from our last campout to get me through this damn cold weather.  

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Winter Ride.

First camping trip of the year. A 250 mile loop to Giant City State Park. We found a cemetery for old heavy equipment. Went on some hikes. I think April and I have figure out the motorcycle camping. Rule one: Less is More. We do not take much. I could do this forever.  

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Discovering Missouri: Duke to Van Buren

I will post a video of our epic off road road trip. We crossed creeks and washed out roads while April walked knee high ahead of the bike.  We had to ride up rock roads made for dirt bikes and country roads made for farm equipment. We brought a stranded biker gas.  Camped on the…

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Blackthorn Pub #FBF

March 1997 Blackthorn pub in the nineties was the after hours bar. We would always bring everyone back to the pub to hangout after a show and many bands drank with us there. I had an apartment a block away and it hosted a few all nighters. The Business had crashed at the house and…

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FBF Baby Emma 2003

They say having kids will change you. This is Emma and I. In these photos I have been a father for 6 months. I was broke and we lived in a hotel in Albuquerque New Mexico. Our neighbors were Junkies and Whores. Something had to change. I really thought that one day I would wake…

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FBF My first 5k.

This is me in April of 2014. This was my first 5k. I started walking. January 1st of 2014 I started walking on a treadmill in my basement. I walked 1 mile in 22 minutes. It was hard and I was worn out and winded. I was also embarrassed and empowered at the same time.…

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