The True Tattoo Artist

When Nathan was ask what he wanted to be when he grew up, he said “A professional baseball player”. His fourth grade teacher told him to pick something real. I think this pushed him harder. […]

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Sketchbook 2011

Sketches from old conventions.           

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I want to be a Tattoo Artist!!

Why I don’t want my kids to tattoo. Tattooing is not for everyone. I get asked about letting my kids get tattooed or what if my kids want to tattoo for a living. The answer […]

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Head Hunters and old Friends

Grant Wyatt stopped by today.  I haven’t seen him in over a decade.  He is living life to the fullest in Vietnam.  A Missionary, he and his family give hope to those we only see […]

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Jake Doty: Nice Guy Hockey Player

    Jacob Doty Age: 22 Hometown: Billings, Montana Occupation: St. Louis Blues, Chicago Wolves Position: Foward “Why I got this tattoo is because I live away from home a lot and wanted something to […]

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Big Springs State Park

We met a group of friends for a huge camp out.  This park is awesome.  Check out the view.                       

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Discovering Missouri: Duke to Van Buren

I will post a video of our epic off road road trip. We crossed creeks and washed out roads while April walked knee high ahead of the bike.  We had to ride up rock roads […]

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Discover Missouri: Arrow Head

April and I have been doing these camping trips on the motorcycle.  We pack light and ride across the back roads of Missouri to discover the people and places that get lost on the insular […]

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This is the closest I get to a portrait. Franky and Madison have been getting tattooed from me for almost a decade. Here is Franky’s new tattoo! It is a tribute to his love, Madison. […]

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Sammie gets her Fix!

Sammie was disappointed with the direction her tattoo was going. She needed someone to cover-up, fix-up, and finish her Elephant! I helped Sammie get a tattoo she is no longer embarrassed by.

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Meat for the Machine

Entrepreneurs vs. Company Men Henry Ford was an entrepreneur.  The people who worked for him were company men. When loyal company men leave or lose their jobs, they are not trained to be entrepreneurs. Tattoo […]

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Draw. Tattoo. Draw.

The first years of tattooing are tricky.  Your focus should be on technical ability.  Can you make the machines do what you want them to do?  The first few years are just a challenge to […]

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Your crystal balls sucks.

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4 Ways to Remain Centered Amid All of the Chaos By Jennifer Marut “Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace.” ~Joan Borysenko Right now I am in a tight squeeze. […]

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by Mark DeNicola at In a world where people are regularly commended for things such as hard work, dedication and focus, the idea of not taking life seriously can sound preposterous. But is a […]

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Blackthorn Pub #FBF

March 1997 Blackthorn pub in the nineties was the after hours bar. We would always bring everyone back to the pub to hangout after a show and many bands drank with us there. I had […]

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You wanna build Bikes or do Oil Changes?

You wake up in jail. You have a hangover and you’ve just been informed that last night you hit and killed a pedestrian with your car. You are now charged with manslaughter and you need […]

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Location is Everything

Building sand castles in the tide is frustrating.

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Funny Stuff

Universal Language By Dr. Mercola, taken from If you want to communicate with someone from across the globe who speaks a different language, all you have to do is laugh. Laughter is a form […]

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FBF Tattoos from 2013!

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Kick Procrastination

I planned to write a lengthy intro citing the many ways in which I’m guilty of this… but I kept putting it off. Borrowed from Overcoming Procrastination Manage Your Time. Get It All Done. […]

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Tattooing versus the Real World

For all its ups and downs, tattooing has been the only constant in my life. I started tattooing before I could legally drink. I had to borrow Mark Andrew state ID to get into the […]

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#FBF Google Power!

I want to revisit a Blog post from a few years ago. I think Google is a great place to start. It’s very useful in getting your brain emerged into a visual library. We know […]

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Tips on the Schedule Stuff

Just make the time. We’ve been talking a lot lately about getting on track, optimizing time, being productive, and other goal-achieving tips. I thought it would be good to be a little more specific about […]

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Commitment is Paramount

Came across this after a recent conversation about commitment & followthrough. It sums everything up quite nicely. Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Logan Marshall of The Free Life Project. The deafening roar […]

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