Americans Can Start to Forgive Themselves.

Hunter said “Buy the ticket, take the ride”

This is my political stance. Riot and Protests are an explosion of pent up energy. Like a teenager losing their cool. It’s the overwhelming feeling of being angry and not having the emotional maturity to displace it in a healthy manner.

In the book Peculiar Institution: Slavery in the Ante-Bellum South by Stampp, there is a quote that reflects the new freedoms that African Americans were given after be held as slaves. This is a loose quote but it said “no longer shackled by chains they are now shackled by debt”

Every argument for what the government does or doesn’t do for us could be removed or relieved by taking control of your personal financial security. Right now the over 50% percent of the county would have to take a loan from a credit card or an outside source if hit with an unexpected $400 expense. At the same time, we a consuming at record number.

At one time a Television was a luxury item. It took 2 paychecks or more to afford. At the same time, owning a credit card weld a certain amount of respect, because the owner of that line of credit earned the responsibility. In the 90’s, we started manufacturing our goods overseas at a much cheaper rate. A television was only a few hundred dollars, so americans bought 3. Banks started handing out 2 and 3 credit cards to college freshman and the idea that you could afford to purchase a few hundred here and a few hundred there became the norm.

We are the problem. We are at the mercy of our Government and Banks because we want to spend more than we make. We buy junk we can’t afford, to impress people we don’t like. The government has had the influence to start a “get healthy” movement, a “say no to drugs” movement and a “stay in school” movement. NEVER have they helped to educate their own citizens on how to be financially secure. To compound this nation wide ignorance of money, it is too taboo to talk about amongst friends, family and co-workers.

So we are pissed that we have no control. Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party. If you ask them to argue the justification of why they are angry, they might not be able to articulate the real reason. It should not dismiss the justification for being pissed off and feed up. I would only suggest that we look for the blame within ourselves, “How did I become a slave to the system?” Just like being in debt to the company store, your freedom was taken by you.

Forgive yourselves. Then Heal. Take personal Actions. Fight the power by securing your financial FREEDOM!

January 21, 2017
Matthew Hodel

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