“Whenever you hear someone say, ‘It’s not personal,’ or its sister phrase, ‘I had no choice,’ you can be almost be certain they’ve made a choice they are ashamed of.”
-Page 24. ‘Never Be Closing’ by Tim Hurson and Tim Dunne.

I love counter intuitive thinking. This book either changes my perceptions or validates my gut feelings. Dong business with core values is important to me. So is sleeping well at night.

I am the Transition Generation. Almost every rule of thumb that has been taught, no longer applies. The good hearted people that told the ways of surviving life had it wrong. The game has changed. My kids understand more about navigating the Internet than I do. My generation believed that only Stephen Spielberg could fake a 30 foot shark attacking a helicopter. So when I see a phone video of a shark launching out of the ocean at a low flying helicopter, why wouldn’t I initially believe it? The younger 20 something’s are a bit more apprehensive.

The tattoo industry has its same parables. Business has changed. These are the things that are no longer a necessity to survive:

1. A Telephone land line.
You need to pay someone to answer it. Cut out the middle man. Answer your cellphone. If I told you every time your cell phone rang, you could make a few bucks, would you answer it?

2. Paper advertisement
Spending 300 dolars for seven days of content is a fail. Digital marketing is a sniper of advertisement.

3. Staffed hours.
Why lose valuable time sitting around waiting for shop hours to start and stop when you can be consolidating your work load and be more efficient?

4. A large lobby.
See number three. Give your clients a set time you both can agree on and stick to it. Why waste their time? That’s pretty selfish of you.

5. Advertising in the Yellow Pages.
Are you fucking kidding me! Give me you money and I’ll yell your shops name into a closet once a day.

Please leave a comment and your extinct ‘must haves’.

-Matt Hodel

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